Trials and tribulations of a newbee
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Did my first beehive inspection today. They must be used to me by now because they paid almost zero attention to me while I looked for brood comb and checked out the honey reserves(one acted a little mad but I shooed her away). Haven’t spotted the queen yet but I didn’t pull all the frames out either. I may call one of my mentors and see if they can drop by and help me. I did accidentally crush one and I shall hold a funeral in her honor.


Notable comments from one of my followers:

“Dear bees,
I am so sorry for your lose. I accidentally crushed one of your roommates because she was too slow & not working very hard. It happened while I was checking on the honey that I’ll bee stealing from you. You totally have my condolences since that is one less honey-maker. Now get back to work as I did not mean to slow you down. If you see the queen tell her that I’m looking for her. She wasn’t wearing little ruby slippers was she? Glasses & a Sue Bee tattoo on her left wing?”

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