Trials and tribulations of a newbee
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Beekeeping journal entry: Checked the hive for the queen and found her(YAY!!). She was marked with a green dot so it would be easy to spot her(for which I have to thank the guy who sold her and her daughters to add to my harem). I’ve got lots of brood comb and probably at least 50 lbs of honey comb. Jennifer Tehbee came out to talk and make sure it was just me and not a real threat to the hive. I showed her the smoker and she was convinced I was the real deal. THEN the damn storm showed up and I hurriedly put the hive back together. I had hoped to have time to check the bottom box for drawn comb(it’s only been a day but ya never know. They’ve almost completely filled the original frames with honey/brood so the new additions I added to their home will be welcomed I’m pretty sure.
Overall, it was a great day.

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