Trials and tribulations of a newbee
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Beekeeping journal:
Checked on the girls today and found out that I’ve got to go visit them in a few days to move a swarm cell and some brood/honey comb to my nuc which apparently didn’t take off. Anyone who was interested in attending one of my sessions should let me know either in the comments or via IM. It’ll be a short but sweet session but will probably teach you a thing or two.
IF you want to attend one you will probably want a bee suit as I don’t have any. What I use is a Tyvek painting suit(with hood and booties) from Home Depot. It MUST say Tyvek on it or you’ll find that you’re unprepared. I’ve got a veil/hat and some gloves that you can use.. They cost about $10-ish, and get one a bit large for your build so you don’t tear it taking it on or off.

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