Trials and tribulations of a newbee
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Today I did my first inspection after feeding the girls for the past few days. My main hive had been looking “sluggish” and the reason was they apparently died over the winter. They didn’t have great honey stores so I’m not at all surprised. It could also have been that last cold snap that got them since it got kinda warm for a day or two. My second hive was however thriving. They’ve got a ton of honey stores and the queen(who I happened to see while I was there) had been laying brood for a while.  I do have a ton of hive beetles but I’ll be dealing with them very shortly. I’ll also be splitting what is now my only hive and hopefully will have some success there.  I have a ton of diatomaceous earth to put down around the hives that’ll take care of hive beetles’ reproduction cycle, I just need to refill some of the hive beetle traps and let them do their work. So not a great inspection but not a horrible one.

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