Trials and tribulations of a newbee

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We just started our creamed/whipped(or whatever you call it) honey batch. It’ll be ready shortly. It could be a week, or it could be 6 weeks. Just depends on the honey.


We have 2 oz honey bears(pic below). These are great for wedding favors so if you’re in the planning stages, get in touch ASAP as supplies are limited by our stock. We’re currently selling these for $3 each, a bargain compared to prices we’ve seen recently.


I’ve been getting several inquiries about the mushrooms that Paul Stamets discovered that helped his honeybees’ health. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be growing one of the mushrooms that he first observed with this trait. The expected grow time for these is 4 to 12 months but with my experience I expect it to be closer to 4 months. After I get my first “fruit” from this I will be selling starters.  If you’re interested, keep following this site and I’ll have more details as everything comes about.

As someone who lives within flying range(for bees) of 2 Lowes, a Home Depot, and probably a Costco, I welcome this.

As part of a Friends of the Earth initiative, Costco has demanded that its suppliers end the use of bee-killing pesticides on garden plants sold in its stores.